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Posted: 12/17/2018 8:50 PM
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Can I Install DINESAT VISUAL RADIO at any machine?
You neet to be sure that your equipment meets the minimum requirements of DINESAT VISUAL RADIO. You can find the minimum requirements in:

How do I download the latest version of DINESAT RADIO?
First of all log in on “My Dinesat” at, then go to Services and select the product installer and download it.

How do I find out my Username?
When you register at our web you will receive an email from with your account details. This information will grant you access to your profile, your products information and our user’s forum.

Once you download the installer execute it from within the .zip file and follow the installation wizard instructions. Remember to select the installation type, database and storage locations during this process.

I already installed DINESAT VISUAL RADIO, How do I open it?
Once you finish the installation process you will need to restart your computer. After, you will only have to double click on the DINESAT VISUAL RADIO icon on your desk. The first time you will need to enter your Dinesat Cloud Services License for the product to start.

User: Administrator 
Password: Supervisor
Server: localhost
Port: 5000

How do I activate my DINESAT VISUAL RADIO?
Once you open DINESAT VISUAL RADIO, you will see a window named DINESAT CLOUD SERVICES, there you must enter your DINESAT CLOUD SERVICES License. This information was automatically emailed to you once purchased the product or requested a trial. You should find an email from containing this information.

I already installed my DINESAT VISUAL RADIO, but I can't open it, what should I do?
Open Windows Start Menu, write services then press “enter”. It will open the Windows Services Console, you should verify the service "DINESAT VISUAL RADIO - DINESAT Server" is initiated. If not, please click with your right mouse key and select initiate.

There is a new version of DINESAT VISUAL RADIO, how do I update my product?
When a new version is available, DINESAT will open a notification on your screen detailing all the new features. At the other hand, the system will download the update automatically. The update will be done after you restart DINESAT.

Don't worry. All your settings, audio files, materials, programs and database will remain intact as the system will not modify them by uninstalling the old version and installing the new one.

I need technical support, what should I do?
DINESAT VISUAL RADIO provides a free customer service that covers installation and product activation assistance, a forum and a FAQ section.

If you need more help you can get our Personalized Assistance service that connects you with one of our technicians by phone, remote access and priority email.
You can get the suscription online directly from this link:

Where do I find the User's Manual?
Open Windows Start Menu, and write “DINESAT VISUAL RADIO”, and select the User´s Manual. You can also download it from our Forum.

How do I access DINESAT VISUAL RADIO emission reports?
To fit our users needs, DINESAT has a lot of reports. These reports are available in the "Hdx Remote Tools". To access them, you just need to open the Hdx Remote Tools icon that you will find in the computer desktop or inside the "DINESAT VISUAL RADIO" program menu with other web tools.

To log in into the "Hdx Remote Tools", you must use the same user and password you use to log in with DINESAT VISUAL RADIO.

The default values for user and password are:
User: Administrator
Password: Supervisor

Once you log in, select the "Report Manager" tool and search for the "Played Materials" report. Also, you can take a look to all the other reports available.

What I should do if I can not open the DINESAT VISUAL RADIO emission reports?
If your web browser gives you and error message when you try to access Hdx Remote Tools web page, then restart the PC that has the DINESAT server. If this is not possible, restart the "DINESAT VISUAL RADIO - DINESAT Server" and "DINESAT VISUAL RADIO - Web Server" services from the Windows Services console.

What kind of audio files can I play on my DINESAT VISUAL RADIO?

What kind of video files can I play on my DINESAT VISUAL RADIO?

Can I use audio and video files at the same emission Window?
Yes, thanks to TWIN MIX technology, DINESAT VISUAL RADIO can generate two independent and synchronized mixes. A traditional audio one with the possibility to send all windows audio outputs, including CUE to different audio console channels; and an audio/video mix generating two outputs, a PGM one mixing all Windows audio and video, and a second one to CUE.

What kind of cameras are DINESAT VISUAL RADIO compatible?
Any camera that is compatible with your video mixer (for example vMIX) can be remotely operated from DINESAT VISUAL RADIO.

Can I import the content of my old DINESAT to the latest version? How?
Yes you can. You must use Dinesat Importer included with DINESAT VISUAL RADIO. You can import directly from your Dinesat 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, plus other products.

How can I migrate a DINESAT VISUAL RADIO installation to a different workstation?
Make a backup of your storage and database. Then restore your back up on your new workstation.

How do I backup my DINESAT VISUAL RADIO?
Copy your storage folder located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\DINESAT VISUAL RADIO\DINESAT VISUAL SERVER\Storage\Storage 1". Also copy your last automatic database backup located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\DINESAT VISUAL RADIO\DINESAT VISUAL SERVER\Database Backups".

How do I restore a DINESAT VISUAL RADIO backup?
To restore the materials folder backup, please copy it on "C:\Program Files (x86)\DINESAT VISUAL RADIO\DINESAT VISUAL Server\Storage\Storage 1". To restore your database (which contains all your playlist and material`s information) you will have to use the MS SQL Server Management Studio Express.

My DINESAT VISUAL RADIO does not import materials, what should I do?
If possible restart your computer. If not restart the service "DINESAT VISUAL RADIO SERVER" from the Windows Services Console.

Dinesat Pro Radio 10 v10.1.19.4 / Windows 10 x64 / i7-3600 8GB RAM / ASI 6166

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